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Castle Aquapet Centre

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- Budgies

- Canaries

- Finches

- Love birds

- Cockatiels

- Poultry

Everything you need to look after your pet

Once you've chosen your pet, you'll need to consider how small or large the cage needs to be, our friendly staff will be able to give you good advice and show you the various options.


We carry a huge stock of bird seed, nuts and feeders for caged birds and wild birds so you only need to come to one place.


If you love feeding the birds in your garden we have bird tables and all the food they love.

Looking for a wide selection of caged birds?

If you're looking for a feathered friend, you've come to the right place. We have the widest selection of caged birds in the area.


From budgies to canaries and everything in-between.

- Seeds

- Nuts

- Feeders

- Cages

- Toys

- Treatments

For all your avian requirements in the Birmingham area, call our friendly team on:

0121 747 7341

Budgies perched on a branch pet cockatiels