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Keeping tropical fish can be a real pleasure, as well as adding aesthetic value to almost any room. We love to share our passion for fishkeeping, and are more than happy to offer advice, whether you're new to fishkeeping, or you're an old hand that likes to keep up with modern methods of ensuring your fishes' health and happiness.

Pop into our Birmingham store, or give us a call for help and enquiries.

From African cichlids to Zebrafish

At Castle Aquapet Centre, our four decades in the trade means that we are highly-experienced at keeping happy, healthy tropical fish of all types, from bettas to tetras, and everything in between. We supply:

We love to share our passion for fishkeeping! For help and advice, give us a call today:

0121 747 7341

Expert advice and quality fishkeeping accessories

We are experts in keeping tropical fish happy, healthy and thriving, and are happy to share our wealth of knowledge with fishkeepers of all experience levels

• Treatments and additives

• Heaters

• Filters

• Tanks

• Most popular species

• Live food

• Dried food

As well as other accessories such as nets, nursery tanks, and anything else you could possibly need to keep your tank maintained. Why not visit our shop today and see what we have to offer?

All of your coldwater aquarium needs under one roof

At Castle Aquapet Centre, we are experts in all aspects of fishkeeping, including the sale, care and breeding of coldwater species such as goldfish, shubunkin, and even freshwater snails. Visit us today for:

A complete range of coldwater aquarium supplies

At Castle Aquapet Centre, we are specialists in the supply of all manner of coldwater aquarium equipment, including tanks, tank decorations and features, chemicals and fish.

• Live food

• Dried and flake foods

• Goldfish and shubunkin

• Most popular species

• Fantails and black moors


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